The Maryland Broadband Cooperative is a Non-Profit (501C12) charged with offering, through its membership, expanded and world class network services around the state.  


We work in partnership with our over 70 members who provide “last-mile services” to consumers, to expand the broadband footprint all across Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic Region



- Dark Fiber Lease

- Fiber Construction & Installation

- Lit Services across the Region

- Strategic Partnerships with our Members



On Wednesday June 18th, the Maryland Board of Public Works approved by a unanimous vote a Wetlands Permit for the Maryland Broadband Cooperative.

This permit will allow Maryland Broadband to build and install fiber optic cable starting in Southern Maryland, running under the Chesapeake Bay crossing over to the Eastern Shore.

The permit has been a true cooperation between Maryland Broadband and the State of Maryland ( through the Departments of Environment and Natural Resources) to install this much needed fiber optic cable while preserving & protecting our beautiful state.

We thank Governor O’Malley, Comptroller Franchot, and Treasurer Kopp for their continued and steadfast support of the Maryland Broadband Cooperative and our mission of providing world-class internet services to rural portions of our State.


Bay Country Communications, Inc. owns and operates cable television, broadband, and digital phone systems for residential, municipal and commercial subscribers in Dorchester County, Maryland. The Company began operations as a Cable TV provider in East New Market in 1991.


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Please contact our on-call team if you are experiencing network outages only. This number is not to be used for inquiring about services we provide.  


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