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Our Services

High Speed

MdBC offers a wide variety of dedicated lit services including speeds up to 100Gbps. Our completely managed and 24/7 monitored network provides reliable data transmission and service you can trust to keep your customers connected.

Utility Marking and Asset Protection

MdBC is pleased to offer streamlined, lump sum pricing for private subsurface utility marking.


Dark Fiber

Dark fiber leasing allows members a cost savings option in the fiber optic infrastructure. MdBC offers limited dark fiber leasing for up to 20 years on our statewide network for members who choose to maintain and operate equipment required to “light” the fiber. Members must meet certain standard requirements.


Lease space in one of our 33 strategically located Points of Presence (POP) across our Statewide network. Transport your business into new markets via our extensive backbone. Rack space is available for members to rent.


MdBC fiber technicians are certified and outfitted with cutting edge fusion splicing technology. A fusion splice permanently welds two fibers together using an electronic arc or heat. This is the preferred method of splicing as it is the strongest and creates the least amount of loss.

Project Management

MdBC offers Project Management for construction, fiber optic splicing, and network expansion. We pro-actively engage in all steps of the process from project initiation through closeout. Our team has a laser focus on achieving agreed upon goals within budget, time, and quality standards.

To inquire about our professional telecommunications services please e-mail