Our operations team is equipped to assist our members with every aspect of adding to their current network. We analyze, design, construct, manage and monitor new fiber paths. We also have the ability to leverage our right-of-way agreements when building new fiber paths for members.  

Points of Presence (POP)

All sites have AC/DC power with a 25 KW propane generator backup, dual HVAC units, 24/7 remote environmental and access monitoring with secured keycard access.

Ethernet Transport

MDBC offer's Ethernet as a service at delivery rates of 10 Mbps to 100G. 


Members can rent space in our POP locations for nineteen or twenty- three inch racks.

Fiber Splicing

MDBC has invested in fusion and ribbon splicing equipment and trained technicians to provide timely and low-cost fiber splicing. 

Dark Fiber Leasing

Fiber optic strands can be leased on a monthly, annual or IRU basis for up to 20 years. Members must have the business demand and network competency to plan and manage their own fiber network. The fiber must be solely used by the leasing member and on a regular basis as “lit fiber”.    

TDM/SONET Transport

OC-3-Optical Carrier, 155 Mbps

OC-12-Optical Carrier, 622 Mbps

OC-48-Optical Carrier, 2.5 Gbps

OC-192-Optical Carrier, 10 Gbps

Network Monitoring

Our trained team monitors the network for concerns twenty-four seven. If an issue should arise our specialists are prepared to identify the source, deploy technicians, and provide members with status reports all through our state of the art Network Operations Center (NOC).