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Our History

The Maryland Broadband Cooperative (MdBC) was created in 2006 when elected leaders from all parts of Rural Maryland came together to address the frequent concerns they heard from citizens across the state about the lack of affordable and reliable internet services in their communities.

The purpose of MdBC has been clear from day one: bring world class internet services to the most rural and underserved places in Maryland. Through state and federal funding, MdBC was able to build a middle mile fiber network on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Southern Maryland, and Western Maryland.

MdBC currently has 79 members of which are internet service providers, government entities, Health Care providers, institutions of higher education, electric cooperatives, and other strategic partners who have a desire to see broadband expansion in Rural Maryland.

Our Board

Meet Staff


The Maryland Broadband Cooperative provides reliable and competitive digital connectivity solutions supporting our stakeholders in unserved and underserved areas.


The Maryland Broadband Cooperative will be at the forefront of providing innovative and sustainable digital connectivity solutions and support to all of its stakeholders.

Our Board

Mr. Tim McGaha


Vice President, Technical Services

Choptank Electric Cooperative

Mr. Brian Roche

Vice Chairman

Chief Technology Officer

Bay Country Communications

Mr. Nathaniel Watkins


Chief Information Officer

Garrett County Maryland

Mr. John Hartline


Executive Director

Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland

Mr. Ted Book


Director of Easton Velocity

Easton Utilities

Mr. Tom Dennison


Managing Director, Government & Public Affairs

Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative

Ms. Susan O’Neill


Executive Director

Upper Shore Regional Council

Mr. Gregory Padgham


Executive Director

Tri-County Council for the Lower Eastern Shore

Mr. Jeremey Sweeney


Information Technology Manager

Atlantic General Hospital

Mr. Scott Warner


Executive Director

MidShore Regional Council

Mr. Guy Winterberg


Assistant Director

Tri-County Council for Western Maryland

Our Staff

Drew Van Dopp

President & CEO

Rob Thompson

Chief Operating Officer

Tim Hayes

Vice President of Finance

Wayne Howard

Vice President of Business Development

Pete Peterman

Director - Project Management/ Infrastructure

Gary Ruark

Network Manager

Tim Heitman

Project Manager

Charlie Russell

Damage Mitigation Manager

David Miller

Manager of Fiber Operations

Megan Speake

Impact Analyst

Pam King

Financial Coordinator

Jeanette Sieling

Compliance Coordinator

Alva Birks

Executive Coordinator

Dan Burt

Field Engineer

Jim Musciano

Network Technician

Greg Krysiak
Gregory Krysiak


Joe Derbyshire

Fiber Optic Technician

Mike Helensky

Fiber Optic Technician

Haden Carlson

Fiber Optic Technician