Our History

Over a decade ago, local elected leaders from the Eastern Shore, Southern, and Western Maryland came together to address citizen concerns about the lack of internet services in their regions.  

In 2006 the Maryland Broadband Cooperative (MDBC) was created by legislative intent of the Maryland General Assembly with the directed purpose of working with these ISPs to offer service to both under served and un-served areas all across Maryland. 

The first phase of our initiative began with federal and state funding to connect Wallops Island, VA up and across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. While supporting NASA on Wallops Island this fiber asset allowed MDBC to increase service offerings along the same path to our members and directly to their customers.

Since then MDBC has been partnering with our members and local, state and federal agencies to construct and add to our network for the benefit of our members and ultimately the citizens of Maryland.

Our Board

Mr. Danny Jobe, Board Chairman

Mr. Jim McCormick, Vice Chairman  

Mr. Mike Pennington, Treasurer  

Mr. Guy Winterberg, Secretary  

Hon. Robert Buckey, Director  

Mr. Cal Coursey, Director  

Mr. WIlliam Grimes, Director  

Mr. John Hartline, Director  

Hon. Virgil Shockley, Director  

Mr. Scott Warner, Director  

Mr. Nathaniel Watkins, Director  

W. Patrick Mitchell, President & CEO

Our Staff

W. Patrick Mitchell, President & CEO

Robert O. Thompson, Chief Operating Officer

Michelle Smethurst, Chief Financial Officer

Jody Neal, Executive Assistant 

Tyler C. Patton, Vice President, Public Affairs 

Drew Van Dopp, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships 

Krah Plunkert, Director, Administration 

Megan Speake, Projects Coordinator 

Tim Heitman, Network Manager 

Pete Peterman, Project Manager 

Scott Brent, Project Manager 

Tyler Esham, Network Technician 

Tyler Thompson, Network Technician 

Gary Ruark, Network Technician 

Charles Gunzelman, Network Technician 

Pam King, AR/AP Clerk