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Membership Overview

By investing a one-time membership fee with MdBC, you join a member-owned cooperative that is dedicated to providing wholesale broadband telecommunications products and services.

Membership rights: The ability to leverage all MdBC assets to extend the reach of your service offerings.

Membership responsibilities: Keep your account current and help maintain the financial strength of your cooperative.

Maryland Broadband Cooperative, in turn, commits to fulfill our obligations as a responsible business organization.

Membership Applications

Class B- Telecommunications Service Providers $500 (pdf)
Class C- Government / Public Sector Providers $1500 (pdf)
Class D- Commercial and Industrial Users $3000 (pdf)
Class E- Joint Use / Shared Resource Providers $500 (pdf)

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Membership Investments

As a cooperative, we require any new member to pay a one-time membership fee. This fee covers the administrative costs associated with your membership. By becoming a member, you receive the following benefits: Ability to purchase telecom products and services from MdBC to increase your market share, reach new markets affordably, increase your recurring revenue, reduce your recurring costs, increase reliability and redundancy, enhance your service offerings, and increase your visibility among your customers.

You may receive dividends each year, as may be authorized by the Board of Directors depending on the level of products and services you purchase from MdBC. These dividends, commonly called Capital Credits, may be calculated based on the profits of MdBC, your share of the revenue generated for MDBC, and the percentage of capital credits applied to members as determined by your Board of Directors.

MdBC Membership fees are not deductible as charitable contributions. However, 95% is deductible as a business expense for tax purposes. The remaining 5% is non-deductible to the extent that MDBC engages in lobbying activities.

Membership Partnerships

A key benefit of the type of Member collaboration we accomplish every day is the ability to deliver innovative and scalable solutions that enhance our Members’ ability to provide residential and commercial services across Maryland.  

As on Open Access, wholesale and enterprise transport company, we are not in competition with our Members.