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Frequently Asked Questions

What IS the Maryland Broadband Cooperative?

The Maryland Broadband Cooperative is a 501(c)12 member-owned organization with nearly 120 members.  Our two primary functions are

  1. to build and supply fiberoptic cable for the use of our members around the state.
  2. act as a trade association for those organizations with an interest in broadband services across Maryland

Can Maryland Broadband offer internet to my home or business?

Unfortunately, no.  We do not offer retail services.  We work with our over 70 Internet Service Provider members to bring more services to the rural parts of Maryland.

If MdBC can’t serve me, then who DO they serve?

Think of us as your Internet Service Provider’s internet provider.  We offer wholesale internet services to our members who in turn offer services to their customers.

Where does MdBC offer services to their membership?

We focus on the most rural parts of Maryland.  We have assets on the Eastern Shore, Southern Maryland, & Western Maryland.

Can you help me find an Internet Service Provider?

We suggest you take a look at www.BroadbandNow.Com and search for coverage by your zip code.  This will show you what Providers are in your area with pricing and ways to inquire about service.