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After being founded in 2006 to pursue the problematic lack of fiber optic networking in underserved communities, MdBC’s continued efforts to be a community partner across the state are something we pride ourselves on. We charge ourselves with making worthwhile community impacts through supporting local causes, our on-the-job training program, or continuing connectivity advancements. We have a commitment to positively impacting the areas we serve.

Supporting Local

No matter where you are in the State of Maryland, you are a neighbor to us. By supporting local causes, we hope to only strengthen our community partnerships and create new, long-lasting relationships with those around us.

On-the-Job Training Program

Our OJT program is a paid, in-house offering consisting of 330 hours over a period of 11 weeks. This program is designed for those with little to no experience to gain hands-on training in the areas of fiber splicing, networking, project management, and utility locating. To grow and retain local talent only benefits the community overall, and we are proud to be at that forefront.

Continuing Connectivity Advancements

Through a partnership between Atlantic General Hospital and MdBC, we have secured a substantial award amount from the Rural Healthcare Fund managed by the Universal Service Administrative Co. (USAC) to support world class health care by promoting increased connectivity.

Some of the Causes We Support: